A custom ROM, on the other hand, helps keep your device alive and updated with the latest version of Android. Another reason why people seek custom ROMs is because of the extra features they offer.

However, customization is not everybody’s cup of tea and many realize it later on. Or, it might just be the case that you have to sell your device, and you need to have the stock firmware installed.

stock rom backup

Now, simply select the type of data that you want to backup. You can always select every type or pick the kind of files you want to save. When you are done, click on the “Backup” button to initiate the process. You can always alter the command to do selective backup. For instance, you can add “-apk” after the command “adb backup” to take the backup of apps. Also, “-shared” will take a backup of data on the SD card. Helium Backup should be able to backup apps and data to SD card, attached USB devices, Dropbox, Google Drive or Box.

TWRP technically stands for “Team Win Recovery Project” Which is an open-source custom recovery image for Stock Firmware Android devices. It does require a condition though which is that your phone’s bootloader must be unlocked. As you know for rooting an android device the first requirement is the Unlocked Bootloader and then on the second step, you will need TWRP Recovery installed on your phone.

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